The meaning of compliance is conformity of certain standard. Every ready-made garments industry should maintain a moderate working condition for their employees. We consider it extremely vital to adhere and monitor all the applicable guidelines set forth by the Bangladesh Labor Act 2006 and those are required by our valued buyers. As a competitive entity in the RMG sector in Bangladesh, Tex Garment Zone is committed to operating with the highest degree of integrity in compliance with the applicable laws, regulations and ethics that govern the industry. TEX GARMENT ZONE can only maximize this value if we respect our commitment to every one of our customers, suppliers, colleagues and the communities in which we operate.

To ensure all our portfolios are genuine, all relevant licenses and certificates are up to date and can be delivered, if and when obligatory.


DODIYANA works to create a culture of safe and healthy environment.

We are concentrating on creating ‘State of the Art’ Manufacturing facilities through our factories must follow Energy Management, Leaner Operations, Environment responsibility, Occupational Health and Safety, Product Conservancy. We subsidize through less burning of energy, less carbon footprint, and many more such edges. Tex Garment Zone emphases to work with Green factories which follow international norms and practices.

We are guaranteeing all standards relating to Safety, Health and Environment or associated to Employees.

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